DiverseCity meet with Birmingham University Students

Birmingham University states the drop out rates for ethnic students predominantly black boys in 2019/2020 academic year was as high as 12.6%, 4.6% greater than their white counterparts and over the years this number has gradually increased by 1% each year.

The Diverse-City Group students were fortunate to have session run by Sarah Thomas and three black university students to discuss the positives of university and to help reverse the trend with a focus on “If you can see it, then you can be it”.

The students from various years shared their lived experiences and why they have attended university. One student from Leeds shared his story of how university has become the norm in his household and he had no choice.

Another shared his experience of becoming injured as footballer and the impact and importance of having a plan B. The final story was very inspiring and explained the difficulties of living in a high crime area and wanting to increase her earning potential so her children have greater opportunities to live in safer communities with better life choices.

Leeds Beckett also offer the opportunity to be part of the Ujima project supporting black boys at the end of year 10 to have a firsthand experience of the university life, with academic lectures, opportunities to use the facilities and gain a feel of the true lifestyle of university.