KS3 students receive three hours of Geography each fortnight and 4 hours in year 7. At KS4, students receive 5 hours of lessons, over two weeks.

The KS3 Geography curriculum is designed to celebrate the wonderful diversity within our academy through topics that cover countries and regions in all seven continents. Physical geography is explored through the landscapes of the UK such as rivers, local ecosystems and environments that contrast with our own, such as glacial landscapes. Human geography is represented through topics including Prisoners of Geography which educates students on the historical, political and geographical reasons for global variations in development. Students also develop a strong understanding of how to become better global citizens by learning about the impact of globalisation, deforestation and climate change on people and ecosystems. At KS4, students study the AQA Geography syllabus.



In geography, students follow the AQA GCSE Geography course which provides them with a detailed curriculum of both physical and human topics at KS4. Physical: the living world, natural hazards, rivers and coasts. Human: urban challenges, the changing economic world and challenges of resource management. Students also participate in two fieldwork studies where they are able to investigate the coastal and urban environments first hand. Students follow a structured curriculum preparing them for GCSE, embedding key geography skills and allowing them to actively engage in the world around them.

Course Delivered

  • GCSE Geography (AQA)

Term by Term Schemes of Work


Year 7 Units
  • Where am I

  • Map skills

  • World Tour

  • Weather and Climate

Year 8 Units
  • Prisoners of Geography

  • Migration

  • Cold Environments

  • Tectonic Hazards

Year 9 Units
  • Globalisation and Development

  • The Living World:

  • Ecosystems

  • Rainforests

  • Hot Desert

Year 10 Units
  • The Challenge of Natural Hazards

  • Earthquakes

  • Tropical Storms

  • Climate Change

  • The Changing Economic World

    The UK economy

    Development Gap
  • Physical landscapes in the UK: Coastal landscapes

    Coastal process

    Coastal landforms

    Coastal management

  • Fieldwork

Year 11 Units
  • Physical landscapes in the UK: River landscapes

    River process

    River landforms

    River management

  • Urban Issues and Challenges: Lagos and London

  • The Challenge of Resource Management: Food


For further information on the curriculum offered please contact the Academy F.A.O Rebecca Hall (Subject Leader for Geography)